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Godot Tours: 101 - The Godot Editor

Godot Tours allows you to learn interactively, step-by-step, directly inside the Godot Editor. In this first completely Free Tour, we take you on a quick guided walk through the user interface and help you find your way around the editor and break the ice with Godot.

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Learn GDScript From Zero

Learn to code from zero with Godot’s GDScript programming language. A free and open-source, 10-hour interactive course!

Free and Open-Source tools

We made over 100 open-source Godot demos and tools to help you learn to make games faster.

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Godot Procedural Generation

A growing collection of PCG algorithms in Godot.

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Godot Shaders

Open-Source 2D and 3D shaders for the Godot game engine. All coming with complete demos.

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Godot 4 courses are releasing in Early Access starting Jan 30!

Lots of good news to unwrap this time around! The Godot community is in for an exciting winter.

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We're Discontinuing the Golden Ticket to ALL Godot Courses

We’re discontinuing the Ultimate Bundle on July 15, at midnight UTC. See all the infos in this post.

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