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Make Games with Godot: Beginner Edition

This learning path and free guide is a curated list of free resources to get started with game development using the Free and Open Source engine Godot

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Learn to Code

You want to create your own games but have no programming experience? This guide is for you! This series will help you to get started with game code and design.

Free and Open-Source tools

We made over 100 open-source Godot demos and tools to help you learn to make games faster.

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Godot Procedural Generation

A growing collection of PCG algorithms in Godot.

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Godot Shaders

Open-Source 2D and 3D shaders for the Godot game engine. All coming with complete demos.

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We're Discontinuing the Golden Ticket to ALL Godot Courses

We’re discontinuing the Ultimate Bundle on July 15, at midnight UTC. See all the infos in this post.

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Godot 4.0 Is Out: Almost a Brand New Engine

After years of hard work, Godot 4.0 is out! It is almost a brand-new engine, with rendering rewritten from the ground up, a modernized core, and no stones left unturned.

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