About us

by: Nathan Lovato

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GDQuest’s mission

GDQuest is a Free Software project and a social company. We invest all profit back into our projects.

Our mission is to bring people together to become better game developers.

We contribute to Free Software through education, communication, writing documentation, and coding Free and Open-Source tools.

Free education

GDQuest is a growing library of game creation tutorials and open-source projects to help you become the game developer you want to be. We use and support Free Software like the Godot game engine, Krita, and Blender.

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The story of GDQuest

Portrait of Nathan, GDQuest founder

Hi, I’m Nathan, GDQuest’s founder.

GDQuest was initially a small YouTube channel focused on game art tutorials.

Screenshot of an old game project with rabbits

Back then, we found that a lot of the available free 2D game art videos were step-by-step, like recipes to achieve specific results. We tried to approach teaching differently: to share the techniques used by professionals game artists and the related foundations.

At the time, it was a one-person hobby project. It was also unrelated to Free Software, as I didn’t know much about that. The idea was to share the techniques professional game developers used and to make them accessible to everyone.

Our concept and mission evolved progressively. First, Krita and its welcoming development team gave me the first taste of Free Software. We later moved onto covering the Godot game engine and using Linux.

Get in touch

If you’re looking for help with a given program, head to our Discord server!

In general, you can find us on:

  • Discord, the best place for questions or support. That’s where we hang out with the community. If I’m away, other creators will be around to answer your questions.
  • Twitter is a popular social network for game developers.

Meet the team

GDQuest wouldn’t be much without its team. Here are the folks who work on the project consistently.

Nathan Lovato


Henrique Campos


Răzvan C. Rădulescu

Senior Developer

François Bélair

Senior Developer

Johnny Goss