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At GDquest we edit all of our videos with Blender. It’s a powerful tool, but its default workflow can feel a little slow. That’s why we built Power Sequencer , a Free and Open Source add-on that’s all about helping you work efficiently and comfortably.

Edit at the speed of thought

A mouse cursor icon in the middle of two strips, after cutting them in half
Cut, trim, and ripple with the mouse

Edit one or many strips at a time with your cursor! Auto locks on to channels and removes gaps based on where you click

Arrow pointing from a folder icon towards 3 stacked video, image and audio strips
One key Import and Export

Load all local footage, pictures, and audio files with one keystroke. The add-on keeps track of imported files per-project.

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Automatic updates

Never worry about installing updates by hand! When a new version comes out, Blender will download it for you.

And so much more!

Faster playback, instant fades and crossfades, smart selection tools...

Power Sequencer adds over 40 new functions to Blender's Video Editor

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Get Power Sequencer

The enable add-on window and checkbox

Installation guide:

  1. Download the latest release on GitHub
  2. In Blender, go to File > User Preferences > Addons
  3. Click «Install From File», find the .zip file from step 1. and click on «install»
  4. Click the checkbox next to «VSE: Power Sequencer» to activate it
  5. Click Save User Settings at the bottom
Download now

Getting Started

We are working on both text docs and video tutorials:

  1. All features and keyboard shortcuts are in the docs page
  2. For video tutorials, check the Power Sequencer playlist on Youtube

Want to give a hand? Great! We write the docs and shortcuts straight in the Power Sequencer source code. If you want to write mini-tutorials, check out the Power Sequencer Docs repository!

Daniel Oakey, a med school graduate and open source enthusiast, teaching video editing with Blender

It’s getting better

At GDquest we work with and support open source software. Power Sequencer is a community-driven project. We add new features every time we get a chance. Contributors are always welcome!

Graph showing the code contributions over time on GitHub

Get in touch!

  1. Want to write some Python and give a hand? Check our to do list or open a new issue!
  2. Found a bug? Please tell us how to reproduce it on GitHub
  3. You can also find GDquest on Twitter

Excellent add-ons to use with Power Sequencer

  1. VSE Transform tools to move, scale, rotate strips in the video preview
    • Made by Daniel Oakey , a big Power Sequencer contributor, med-school graduate and Python developer
  2. Blender Easy Logging for tags and 3-point edits