Add Transform

Add transform effect to selected image and movie strips. Auto centers images

For each strip in the selection:

  • Filters the selection down to image and movie strips
  • Centers the pivot point of image strips
  • Adds a transform effect and sets it to ALPHA_OVER
TAdd Transform
Align Audios

Align two similar audios

Attempt alignment between the selected audio strip to the active audio strip. The better the correlation, the better the result.

This operator requires ffmpeg and scipy to work. Audio must be converted to WAV data prior to analyzing, so longer strips may take longer to align. To mitigate this issue, analysis will be limited to the first 15 minutes of audio at most.

Channel Offset
Move selected strip to the nearest open channel above/down
Alt Move to Open Channel Above
Alt Move to Open Channel Below
Concatenate Strips

Remove space between strips

Concatenates selected strips in a channel, i.e. removes the gap between them. If a single strip is selected, either the next strip in the channel will be concatenated, or all strips in the channel will be concatenated depending on which shortcut is used.

CConcatenate selected strips in channel, or concatenate & select next strip in channel if only 1 strip selected
Shift CConcatenate all strips in selected channels
Alt CConcatenate selected strips in channel towards the right, or concatenate and select the previous strip in the channel if only 1 strip selected
Alt Shift CShift Alt C; Concatenate all strips in channel towards the right
Copy Markers As Timecodes
Formats and copies all the markers as timecodes to put in a Youtube video’s description
Copy Selected Sequences

Copy/cut strips without offset from current time indicator

Copies the selected sequences without frame offset and optionally deletes the selection to give a cut to clipboard effect. This operator overrides the default Blender copy method which includes cursor offset when pasting, which is atypical of copy/paste methods.

Ctrl CCopy Selected Strips
Ctrl XCut Selected Strips
Crossfade Add

Adds cross fade between selected sequence and the closest sequence to its right

Based on the active strip, finds the closest next sequence of a similar type, moves it so it overlaps the active strip, and adds a gamma cross effect between them. Works with MOVIE, IMAGE and META strips

Ctrl Alt CAdd Crossfade
Crossfade Edit

Adjust the location of the crossfade between 2 strips

Selects the handles of both inputs of a crossfade strip’s input and calls the grab operator. Allows you to quickly change the location of a fade transition between two strips.

Crossfade Remove
Delete a crossfade strip and moves the handles of the input strips to form a cut again
Delete Direct
Delete without confirmation. Replaces default Blender setting
XDelete Direct
DELDelete Direct
Deselect All Strips Left Or Right
Deselects all the strips at the left or right of the time cursor, based on the position of the mouse
Alt QDeselect all strips to the left of the time cursor
Alt EDeselect all strips to the right of the time cursor
Deselect Handles And Grab
Deselect the handles of all selected strips and call the Sequence Slide operator
Duplicate Move
Auto selects the strip under the mouse if nothing is selected, and calls Blender’s Duplicate Move function
DDuplicate Move
Shift DDuplicate Move
Fade Add

Adds or updates a fade animation for either visual or audio strips.

Fade options:

  • In, Out, In and Out create a fade animation of the given duration from the start of the sequence, to the end of the sequence, or on boths sides
  • From playhead: the fade animation goes from the start of sequences under the playhead to the playhead
  • To playhead: the fade animation goes from the playhead to the end of sequences under the playhead

By default, the duration of the fade is 1 second.

Alt FFade Out
Ctrl FFade In
FFade In and Out
Fade Clear

Removes fade animation from selected sequences.

Removes opacity or volume animation on selected sequences and resets the property to a value of 1.0. Works on all types of sequences.

Ctrl Alt FClear Fades
Gap Remove
Remove gaps, starting from the first frame, with the ability to ignore locked strips

Grab and move sequences. Extends Blender’s built-in grab tool

Grab and move sequences. If you have no strips selected, it automatically finds the strip closest to the mouse and selects it. If you only select one or multiple crossfades, selects the handles on either side of the crossfades before moving sequences, using POWER_SEQUENCER_OT_crossfade_edit

Grab Closest Cut

Grab the handles that form the closest cut

Selects and grabs the strip handle or cut closest to the mouse cursor. Hover near a cut and fire this tool to slide it.

Alt Shift GGrab closest handle or cut
Grab Sequence Handles

Grabs the sequence’s handle based on the mouse position

Extends the sequence based on the mouse position. If the cursor is to the right of the sequence’s middle, it moves the right handle. If it’s on the left side, it moves the left handle.

Shift GGrab sequence handles
Import Local Footage

Imports video, images, and audio from the project folder

Finds and imports all valid video, audio files, and pictures in the blend file’s folder and subfolders, ignoring folders named BL_proxy.

Ctrl Shift IImport Local Footage
Jump Time Offset

Jump forward or backward in time

Move the time cursor forward or backward, using a duration in seconds.

The equivalent tool in Blender only works with frames, meaning the jump will be different if your project’s framerate is different. This tool fixes that issue.

Shift Jump Forward
Shift Jump Backward
Jump To Cut

Jump to next/previous cut

Jump to the next or the previous cut in the edit. Unlike Blender’s default tool, also works during playback.

Jump to next cut or keyframe
Jump to previous cut or keyframe
Make Still Image

Make still image from active strip

Converts image under the cursor to a still image, to create a pause effect in the video, using the active sequence

Marker Delete Closest
Deletes the marker closest to the time cursor
Marker Delete Direct
Delete selected markers instantly skipping the default confirmation prompt
Marker Go To Next
Moves the time cursor to the next marker
Marker Snap To Cursor
Snap selected marker to the time cursor
Markers Create From Selected Strips

Create one marker at the start on each selected strip, based on its name

Use it to copy markers as timecodes.

Markers Snap Matching Strips
Snap selected strips to markers with the same name
Meta Resize To Content

Moves the handles of the selected metastrip so it fits its content

Use it to trim a metastrip quickly

Meta Trim Content To Bounds
Deletes and trims the strips inside selected meta-strips to the meta strip’s bounds
Meta Ungroup And Trim
UnMeta all selected meta strips and trim their content
Mouse Cut

Cut or Trim strips quickly with the mouse cursor

Click somehwere in the Sequencer to insert a cut, click and drag to trim With this function you can quickly cut and remove a section of strips while keeping or collapsing the remaining gap. Press Ctrl to snap to cuts.

A video demo is available.

TTrim using the mouse cursor
Alt TTrim using the mouse cursor and remove gaps
Shift TTrim in all channels
Alt Shift TTrim in all channels and remove gaps
Mouse Space Strips

Offsets all strips to the right of the mouse cursor by a given duration

Default shortcut: =

Mouse Toggle Mute
Toggle mute a sequence as you click on it
Alt LMBMouse Toggle Mute
Mouse Trim

Trim strip from a start to an end frame

Trims a frame range or a selection from a start to an end frame. If there’s no precise time range, auto trims based on the closest cut

Args: - frame_start and frame_end (int) define the frame range to trim

Ctrl Alt RMBTrim strip, keep gap
Ctrl Alt Shift RMBTrim strip, remove gap
Open Project Directory
Opens the Blender project directory in file explorer
Playback Speed Decrease

Decrease playback speed incrementally down to normal

Playback speed may be set to any of the following speeds:

  • Normal (1x)
  • Fast (1.33x)
  • Faster (1.66x)
  • Double (2x)
  • Triple (3x)

Activating this operator will decrease playback speed through each of these steps until minimum speed is reached.

[Decrease Playback Speed
Playback Speed Increase

Increase playback speed up to triple

Playback speed may be set to any of the following speeds:

  • Normal (1x)
  • Fast (1.33x)
  • Faster (1.66x)
  • Double (2x)
  • Triple (3x)

Activating this operator will increase playback speed through each of these steps until maximum speed is reached.

]Increase playback speed
Playback Speed Set
Change the playback_speed property using an operator property. Used with keymaps
1Speed to 1x
2Speed to 1.33x
3Speed to 1.66x
4Speed to 2x
Preview Closest Cut

Toggle preview around the closest cut, based on time cursor

Finds the closest cut to the time cursor and sets the preview to a small range around that frame. If the preview matches the range, resets to the full timeline

Shift PPreview Last Cut
Preview To Selection

Sets the timeline preview range to that of the selected sequences

Sets the scene frame start to the earliest frame start of selected sequences and the scene frame end to the last frame of selected sequences.

Ctrl Alt PPreview To Selection
Render Apply Preset

Brief Applies a rendering preset to the project

Sets rendering and encoding settings and an output filename based on a preset.

Available presets:

  • YouTube: 1080p mp4 video encoded with H264 and AAC for audio, based on YouTube’s recommended settings
  • Twitter: 720p mp4 video
Alt F12Apply Youtube Render Preset
Ripple Delete
Delete selected strips and remove remaining gaps
Shift XRipple Delete
Save Direct
Saves current file without prompting for confirmation. Overrides Blender default
Ctrl SDirect Save
Scene Create From Selection

Convert selected strips into a scene strip

Create a scene from the selected sequences, copying the current scene’s settings, and replace the selection with the newly created scene as a strip

Scene Cycle
Cycle through scenes

Shift TABCycle Scenes
Scene Rename With Strip
Rename a Scene Strip and its source scene
Select Closest To Mouse
Select the closest strip under the mouse cursor
Select Linked Effect
Select all strips that are linked by an effect strip
Select Linked Strips
Add/Remove linked strips near mouse pointer to/from selection without the need to previously have clicked/manually selected
LAdd/Remove Linked to/from Selection
Select Strips Under Cursor
Selects the strips that are currently under the time cursor
Set Preview Between Markers
Set the timeline’s preview range using the 2 markers closest to the time cursor
Set Timeline Range
Set the timeline start and end frame using the time cursor
Snap Selection To Cursor
Snap selected strips to the cursor as a block
Alt SSnap selection to cursor
Speed Up Movie Strip

Adds a speed effect to the 2x speed, set frame end, wrap both into META

Add 2x speed to strip and set its frame end accordingly. Wraps both the strip and the speed modifier into a META strip.

Shift +Add Speed
Split Strips Under Cursor
Splits all strips under cursor including muted strips, but excluding locked strips. Auto selects sequences under the time cursor when you don’t have a selection.

KCut All Strips Under Cursor
Swap Strips

Swaps the 2 strips between them

Places the first strip in the channel and starting frame (frame_final_start) of the second strip, and places the second strip in the channel and starting frame (frame_final_end) of the first strip. If there is no space for the swap, it does nothing.

Synchronize Titles

Snap the selected image or text strips to the corresponding title marker

The marker and strip names have to start with TITLE-001

Toggle Selected Mute
Mute or unmute selected sequences
HMute or Unmute Selected Strips
Alt HMute or Unmute Selected Strips
Toggle Waveforms

Toggle audio waveforms

Toggle drawing of waveforms for selected strips or for all audio strips if no selection is active.

Alt WToggle Waveforms
Trim Left Or Right Handles

Trims or extends the handle closest to the time cursor for all selected strips.

If you keep the Shift key down, the edit will ripple through the timeline. Auto selects sequences under the time cursor when you don’t have a selection.

Alt KSmart Snap Right
Alt Shift KSmart Snap Right With Ripple
Ctrl KSmart Snap Left
Ctrl Shift KSmart Snap Left With Ripple
Trim Three Point Edit
Trim the closest strip under the mouse cursor in or out
ITrim In
OTrim Out
Trim To Surrounding Cuts
Trim to surrounding cuts
Alt Shift LMBTrim to Surrounding Cuts

Removes speed from META, un-groups META

This is the opposite of power_sequencer’s «Add Speed» operator. It seeks out and removes the speed modifier inside a meta and ungroups all the remaining strips within.

Refresh All
Shift RRefresh All

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