Getting Started

This guide is here to get you started with Power Sequencer. It will show you time-saving features when editing with the add-on.

Power Sequencer builds upon Blender’s Sequencer and adds features to help you save time when editing. It focuses on everything that has to do with cutting, trimming, moving, importing, and deleting sequences. It does not add features related to compositing or motion design.

Also, we designed it to work in conjunction with other add-ons like the VSE Transform Tools, an add-on to manipulate images directly in the sequencer preview.

Activating the add-on

  1. Open Blender
  2. Go to Edit > Preferences > Addons to open the Preferences window
  3. In the search box, search for “Power Sequencer”
  4. Activate the checkbox next to “Sequencer: Power Sequencer”

By default, Blender will save your preferences and the add-on will be active the next time you start Blender.

Importing your work

We designed Power Sequencer to work well with projects where the blend file and all the footage are in one directory:

├── 03.state-class-1.blend
└── footage
    ├── 03.state-class-1.flv
    ├── 03.state-class-2-fix-end.flv
    ├── 03.state-class-3-fix-end-2.flv
    └── BL_proxy

To import all the video, audio, and image files at once, go to the Power Sequencer menu and click File -> Import Local Footage (Ctrl Shift I).

This feature adds strips to the editing board for each file found in your project folder. It also detects already imported footage, and only imports newly found files by default.

Proxy preferences

Power Sequencer sets the strips it imports to use proxies automatically, based on your preferences:

  1. Go to the Addons tab of the Preferences window
  2. Search for “Power Sequencer”
  3. Click the white triangle “⏴” to expand the add-on’s preferences.
  4. Click on the checkboxes under “Proxy” to set sequences to use these proxy sizes by default.

Proxy preferences in the addon