Blender Power Sequencer


At GDQuest we edit all of our videos with Blender. It’s a powerful tool, but its default workflow can feel a little slow.

That’s why we built Power Sequencer, a Free and Open Source add-on to help you edit faster with Blender’s Video Sequence editor.

Power Sequencer comes preinstalled with Blender since version 2.81.

Learn Power Sequencer

The following pages will teach you how to use Power Sequencer:

  1. Getting started will help you learn the basics.
  2. Features reference lists all the features and shortcuts in the add-on.

We also made some video tutorials:

  1. Intro to Video Editing with Blender’s VSE, a general introduction to Blender’s Video Sequencer.
  2. Power Sequencer Workflow tutorial is dedicated to the add-on and its editing workflow.

You can find more in our playlist Free Blender VSE tutorials on YouTube.

Become a Contributor

Whether you want to contribute code, help with testing, design, user interface, tutorials, or communication, all contributors are welcome!

You can come and chat with us on GDQuest’s Discord server!

See our Contributor’s Guidelines to learn about how to contribute efficiently to Free Software. If you’re a developer, check our Blender Python best practices. They can help you avoid programming issues.

Then, join the discussion in the issues tab anytime!

Other add-ons

Here are other recommended add-ons for a better editing workflow:

Daniel Oakey’s rewrite of VSE Transform Tools. This tool lets you animate and move strips from the video preview. The original add-on was abandoned a few years ago. Daniel fixed and rewrote it so now it’s super slick!

Power Sequencer ships with two separate Python tools:

  1. BPSRender, a tool to render videos with multiple threads from the terminal.
  2. BPSProxy, a program to render proxies fast using FFmpeg and, if your graphics card supports it, use hardware acceleration.