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by: Nathan Lovato

If you’re new to Godot, we made tons of free tutorials and open-source demos to help you get started creating games.

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Is it for me?

This free series is for anyone who wants to learn game creation and Godot, especially if you’re fairly new to programming or learning it.

Do you struggle to get started?

How do you get started learning Godot? And how do you become a game developer?

When starting out, it’s hard to know even what or where to search.

There are plenty of tutorials out there that cover little tricks, but they don’t really trace a path for you.

And so you try videos and guides at random.

The thing is, many of those teach poor programming practices that stick with you and take you to dead ends.

Imagine you took a course to become a chef and all they gave you was a recipe book. No fundamental cutting techniques, no insights choosing the right ingredients, no focused practice. That would be a waste of time, wouldn’t it?

Following random step-by-step tutorials is the same.

Becoming a game developer

To become a game developer, you need more than that.

You need to learn how to think like a programmer and solve problems creatively.

You need to develop the mindset and practice.

And it’s hard to know how because it’s hardly ever taught in beginner-friendly videos. Most tutors focus on gratifying tactics that give you instant results. Except once you’re alone with your game, they don’t apply anymore.

They’re just here to keep you engaged with the videos.

Who am I?

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I’m Nathan, GDQuest’s founder.

I made one of the largest collections of Godot tutorials and open-source demos. You can find many of them on my YouTube channel (137,000+ subscribers).

I’m one of the official manual’s top contributors and I’ve been teaching Godot for over five years.

What will I get?

Day 1: The two Godot courses I recommend getting started. They’re complete, beginner-friendly, and you can follow them progressively as you enjoy the other emails.

Day 2: We’ll talk about how to learn to code efficiently. There are pitfalls to avoid and a certain mindset to develop. You don’t want to get it wrong and get stuck in tutorial-land.

Day 3: you’ll get to know the one tool developers use daily to troubleshoot most problems you have in Godot.

Day 4: you will get the best collection of Godot recipes available out there. It’s an excellent resource to read on top of courses when you want to learn tricks that game developers use to create all kinds of game mechanics.

Day 5: we’ll talk about types, a fundamental programming concept. If you don’t understand types, you can’t understand what you code.

Day 6: you’ll learn a veteran game developer’s proven method to get better at code in only 30 minutes a day.

Day 7: you will learn the fundamental skill developers use 80% of the time and get our best free and open-source Godot demos to practice it.

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