Game Art Quest vol1 done! Off to Japan

By: Nathan Lovato - September 28, 2016

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Yes, the first volume of Game Art Quest is done. 6.2 hours of free Krita tutorials (some are still upcoming on the channel). 7 hours if you include the first bonus series of the year: Introduction to monster design for 2D games. Looking back at the Kickstarter description, this is already more than the promised as far as the total length is concerned.

The extra premium brushes and their companion tutorials are also getting pretty big. With this month’s update, it now includes 34 presets and more than 30 minutes of video tutorials. And more coming monthly.

But we are not done yet! I’m pre-producing the 2nd volume of Game Art Quest, which will help you to put all you’ve learned in practice. It is a workshop series in which you’ll create your own game mockups. On top of that, I’m planning to update the first volume from time to time with assignments and useful documents.

However, for now, it’s time to take some rest.

Off to Japan

I’m taking a flight to Japan on October 3, and coming back at the end of the month. It’s a trip I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. And now more than ever, after 2 years studying Japanese, with already a number of people to meet there. I’ll have both a camera and a tablet to share the most interesting adventures with you on social networks.

Gamedev-wise, I’ll be paying the author of Pico8 and Voxatron a visit at his picotachi café in Tokyo, along with a French indie developer who lives in Japan, Erhune, the co-author of Gangs of Space. I’m also meeting a tech developer from Q-games in Kyoto.

Aside from that, I’ll travel to the sacred Shinto island of Miyajima, walk the Kumano Kodo, the emperors' pilgrimage route, meet Japanese monkeys in Kyoto, and a lot more!

But I am not gone yet, and there’s still some more content coming your way.

More Krita brushes!

The latest version of the Krita brushes for game artists is out. The full set now contains 34 presets, 5 video tutorials and 2 PDF guides. It includes pixel art drawing tools, but more importantly the first few presets of the elements family, which are dedicated to help you paint elements of nature efficiently and flexibly.

![Krita brushes for game artists](/img/page/krita-brushes/Krita brushes banner 2016-07.jpg)

The 2 cloud builder brushes in this release make it effortless to paint game-ready clouds sprites. Using the cloud blender from last month, you can also soften any sharp edge with great control. Even though I’m away next month, you’ll still get your dose of new tools!

The Lite set also got some love. It is now twice as big, for a total of 16 presets. It is completely free, and gets an update every 2 months.

Plans for the week

There is not enough time to start producing and releasing the new training this week. I’d rather take the time to pre-produce it the right way, and be ready to create the first tutorials when I’m back from Japan.

On top of that, I have some overdue editing jobs for the KDE community. I interviewed experienced open source developers back in June, and they had some deep insights to share with people interested in free technologies. That’s something I have to tackle this week. The videos will come out as a bonus during October.

This transitional week is also a good occasion to work on the website. A new version recently rolled out with some improvements, especially simplified visuals. There’s less useless content, so that the current 200 to 300 daily visitors get a better experience with navigation. Especially newcomers. Here are the goals for the week:

  • Update the main Krita training page
  • Improve the course page’s visuals for clearer navigation
  • Add accessibility-related code
  • And maybe add an about page again

Last but not least, I’ve got to prepare posts for social networks in advance so you still get your weekly tutorials and some useful tips next month.

Anyway, that’s it for now. If you have to remember one thing from this post: I’m away in October. So don’t expect superfast replies to emails and questions. Oh, and by the way, the channel got past 1 million views. Next stop: the 10 million mark!

Thank you for reading!

See you soon.

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