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Waiting for Godot 3: Why There Was No Course Update in September

By: Nathan Lovato - October 10, 2017

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Godot 3 is coming out much later than planned. Alpha 2 isn’t even out yet. This means breaking changes keep happening on the engine. In the past few weeks alone there were important improvements to 2D physics and the UI system. The devs even renamed _fixed_process to _physics_process. Today I finished a long UI design tutorial only to learn a new Layout menu just arrived.

GUI tutorial containers breakdown, colored frames around icons and panels

If I produced gameplay programming videos now for the course, they’d soon become obsolete. That’s why the Essentials and Pro versions didn’t ship yet.

What’s happening now with the Kickstarter

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Godot docs sprint 05 banner image, with the Gobot docs logo

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Spacemacs text editor with the logo on the left and a Python file on the right

More happened with the French administration, but I’ll spare you the boring details.

Upcoming content in October

In October, you’ll get an update with the Game Design chapter, including insights from successful indie game designers: Yakkafo, designer on Event[0], AtomicRacoonFR and the incredible FibreTigre.

An old computer screen sitting on a piano

Mark Brown aka Game Maker’s Toolkit made a neat video about @Yakkafo’s game.

You will also get all the tutorials and demos I create for the documentation neatly packaged in the course. They’re as good and as complete as the video tutorials. Only text-based. You’ll also find and a changelog to help you wrap your head around the updates.

I asked you on Discord what I should focus on until Godot 3’s beta comes out. And voted in favor of the official documentation. I still have to push the course forward for those who buy it in early access, so I’m going to split the difference. It makes sense to focus on the docs before Godot 3 comes out: it may affect the experience and retention of new users a lot. The engine is making leaps, and the documentation needs to catch up.

Thanks to Chris’s work on beginner-friendly tutorials, like the new Your First Game, together we can produce more content and take on more complex topics like the UI system, Animation and Particles.

If you’ve got any concern or question, never hesitate to contact me directly on Discord, Twitter or via Kickstarter/Email. Thank you kindly for your time and see you soon!

PS: we’re going to the Capitole du Libre on November 18 and 19, with Gilles Roudière and StraToN. It’s a major FOSS event taking place in France. We were invited to give conferences about Godot. You’re welcome to participate as well, come to meet us, help man the booth, and teach the engine!

Get in touch!

Need to reach me? Send me a message anytime @NathanGDQuest on Twitter.

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