Godot course update 4 banner showing characters on a tiles-based map

The 4th update of the Godot 3 course is out! It includes the new tilesets and tilemap chapter, along with new videos to flesh out chapter 01.The character controller and chapter 08.Game pre-production.

Godot 3 just came out, and with some more work done on the official documentation and a nice collab with Mike from GameFromScratch, I will now focus my efforts fully on the course.

Godotengine.org's redesigned landing page for the Godot 3 release

The new website design by djrm looks gorgeous.

Don’t forget to drop by on Discord to get answers for your questions, to give feedback, etc. The link is in the course’s changelog on Gumroad, where you’ll also find detailed release notes.

Note that I am moving house to Nara, Japan, on February 28th.

Deer in front of a restaurant's entrance in Miyajima, Japan

This is actually Miyajima, but there are also friendly wild deers in Nara

Since I didn’t take much time off since 2016, I’ll take some holidays to settle down, meet some friends and do all the paperwork when I land. You will get a new update by then and I’ll work hard to bring you at least 2 chapters this time!

See you in the next release,


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