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Blender Power Sequencer 1.0 is out!

By: Nathan Lovato - June 9, 2018

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Power Sequencer is a Free add-on to help Content Creators edit faster with Blender.

The add-on brings over 40 new core editing features to Blender, including:

  1. Instant import of your video footage, pictures, and audio
  2. Smart mouse-based tools to cut, trim, remove gaps…
  3. Instant fades, crossfade to the next sequence
  4. Change the playback speed on the fly
  5. Instant render with presets

It builds upon the great work done on the Blender Velvets and the VSEQF tools, in a project that gets continuous support. We use Blender at GDQuest to edit all our video tutorials.

By creating our own tools we were able to make the workflow faster than with any editing program out there! And it keeps getting better.

Getting Started

Get started editing with Blender and Power Sequencer in 30 minutes! We teammed up with Daniel to bring you a solid introductory tutorial.

You can learn about all the features and their shortcuts on the add-on’s GitHub page.

Contributors welcome!

Thanks to Daniel Oakey, who greatly improved the already excellent VSE Transform tools, Power Sequencer is easy to contribute to!

Every feature is in its own file, well-separated from the others.

Want to help? Whether it is to give us feedback, fix a bug, add a new feature, or make a tutorial, get in touch! We’re here to help you get started.

Made by

Nathan Lovato

GDQuest founder. Courteous designer with a taste for Free Software. I promote sharing and collaboration.