The Kickstarter campaign ended on February 8, 2019. Pledges are now closed.

Questions and Answers

When will I get the rewards?

At the same time as every other Kickstarter backer. The first reward, the pro Godot course, will come as soon as we get the money from the campaign. You will get an email from me through Gumroad with a course access link.

Where can I follow the project?

In my experience emails aren’t a great way to keep people up to date. Sometimes they end up in the spam box, you might get too many of them…

Firstly, we are doing all of our work on GitHub, in the open. You can track our activity on the projects’ code there.

I am active on Twitter, on YouTube, and we have a Discord server. You can get news or get in touch using any of these three channels.

Does my PayPal pledge contribute to the stretch goals?

Yes! I will update the total pledged amount from time to time in the Kickstarter story.

Nathan Lovato

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