How to get your Kickstarter rewards

By: Nathan Lovato - March 6, 2019

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To get all your rewards, please add our email to your address book! Otherwise, your reward emails may land in the spam box. It’s nathan [at]

You will get access to the paid course on Gumroad, via email

When we release a course or reward in early access, we will send your coupon code to unlock the corresponding product on Gumroad. You will get it via email: the address associated with your Kickstarter or your PayPal account.

When will I get each reward?

We sent emails for the “Pro bundle” backers and up: people who pledges 80 EUR or more.

Now, we are working on Free learning material sponsored by Purism, and as part of the stretch goals. You will get them on YouTube and in the Godot docs.

For now, we don’t have a set date to send coupon codes as we release our work “when it’s done”, and because a lot of the content we produce is free: you will get all this free content via YouTube and Twitter. But you can expect the first coupon code, for the paid courses, to arrive by the end of April.

If you need us to use a different email address, please send us a message!

Follow us on Twitter and YouTube to get news

You will get news about the project on YouTube and Twitter. Not only news but also the Free and Open Source content. You can also follow us on GitHub to get the code as we write it and to contribute to the projects.

Specific rewards


The devlogs will be available on YouTube. You will get private access to the videos via email.

Pro bundle

We already sent access for everyone who pledged 80 euros or more to the Make Professional 2d games with Godot course (pro version).

You should have received an email from us. If you can’t find it:

  1. Check your promotions and other tabs if you use Gmail, as emails from e-commerce websites often end up in these tabs.
  2. Use the search function of your email client and search for “Kickstarter Reward” to quickly find it.
  3. If you still cannot see the email, check the spam folder of your email client.

If you still can’t find anything, please send us a message.

One on one lessons

You have until the end of 2019 to schedule an appointment. I’ll be moving in different time zones this year so let’s get in touch to figure out a time that works for you.

We are working in the 3.1 new features series first

We are currently working on the “New features in Godot 3.1” tutorial series, which will come out for Free on YouTube. Once it’s done, it will also be available for download from the Godot manual.

We will then produce the 2d game series, followed by the 3d one. So at first, you will get content out on YouTube, and not on Gumroad!

Getting in touch

I get a growing number of messages, and although I love to chat, all the time I spend writing replies is as much time I can’t spend on tutorials.

If you want to chat, discuss game development, get support, the best place to do so is our Discord server.

Join the community on Discord

The team and the GDQuest community are active on Discord! If you have any questions, this is the best place to ask as, when I’m not around, other game developers will be there to chat or to help.

Twitter and email

Discord and public channels are the best way to ask questions as other people can contribute answers. If you need to contact me personally, you can do so via Twitter or email, at nathan [at]

If you have any other questions, please ask us anytime. I’ll update this post with the most frequent ones.

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