Create Your First 2D Game With Godot is out!

By: Nathan Lovato - November 17, 2019

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Our first beginner-friendly game creation course is out!

It will teach you how to create a 2D platformer with the Free game engine Godot.

The final course has about 60 lessons and 6 hours of video content in the extended edition. It comes in two versions:

  1. The free edition on our YouTube channel. You can already watch the first part.
  2. An extended edition is available for 9.95 USD. It gives you access to bonus tutorials, content, and directly supports our work.

Also, this Godot platform game is completely free and open source.

Available now for backers

If you backed our 2019 Kickstarter you should already have access to the course: all you have to do is log into Mavenseed with your account.

For now, I am only releasing the course on Mavenseed because there features that are not available on Gumroad:

  • Questions and answers for each lesson
  • A discussion page
  • Quizzes
  • Progress tracking

And more. Also, the Kickstarter backers, who made the course possible, seamlessly get access to new courses.

What next

We’re already working on the next projects.

James is working on a beginner-friendly 3D tutorial series.

Screenshot of the FPS demo by James Taft

Razvan has been writing the two learning paths for Godot. Two guides to get started with the engine using only free resources, respectively for programming beginners and for more experienced developers. You can already read them (in progress):

Razoric is taking care of the open 3D Mannequin that will serve as a base for the more advanced 3D game development series I’ll record.

Our Free and open source 3D mannequin in Godot

Finally, we have Johnny in the team who is re-creating the official Godot platformer 2D demo as a proof-of-concept to improve the quality of the official demos. Especially the code quality and the techniques they teach.

Remake of the official Godot 2D platformer

Right now, I am a bit torn between working on the next 2D course, as the code is still relatively fresh in my mind, or doing the 3D mannequin for those of you who are waiting for 3D content. I guess I could bounce between the two, which would help keep work fresh: when you spend months on a course project you can get a bit of fatigue.

In any case, I’m getting to a new course, and I’ll keep you posted with our progress on Twitter and Discord.

But with that, I’ll get back to it. See you in the next update!

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