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We Remade the Official Godot 2D Platformer Demo

By: Johnny Goss - January 29, 2020

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We’ve finished making changes to the official 2D platformer demo!

This is a proof of concept project and we’d like to give other demos found in the official demo repository a similar treatment. This demo felt like a great place to start and show how the guidelines written by the team can be used.

Remake of the official Godot 2D platformer

What’s changed?

The assets have stayed the same but almost everything underneath has been re-written.

The changes include:

  • Project folders have been restructured and tidied
  • Static typing is used throughout the project to help with error detection and possible performance boosts in later Godot updates
  • Gun and Player logic has been decoupled to allow us to reuse them easily
  • The Player is faster and more responsive
  • The Player can now travel with moving platforms and no longer slides down slopes
  • Physics collision layers have been reorganised
  • The tileset is no longer generated by a separate scene in favour of using the tileset editor
  • Platforms have been reworked and simplified to easily add dynamic movement

What’s next?

We hope these changes will be merged into the official demos soon and we can start improving the other demos in a similar way.

Until then, feel free to check out these changes and let us know what you think!

Made by

Johnny Goss

Indie game developer and tutorial maker. Dungeon Master.