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We Made 4 More Open-Source Godot Demos and 7 Tutorials

By: Nathan Lovato - August 28, 2020

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During the Godot 2D Secrets Kickstarter campaign, we worked hard to revitalize our YouTube channel, write new tutorials, and code new game demos in preparation for the course.

You can links to all resources we created below.

Free and Open-Source demos

The first four demos are games we will cover in the course Godot 2D Secrets. But we also did some work on procedural generation and shaders.

  1. Rhythm game
  2. Real-time Tactical Combat
  3. 2D Simulation
  4. 2D JRPG Combat
  5. Infinite PCG
  6. Shaders

Written guides and tutorials

François wrote about debugging and performance optimization, two topics that many of you requested, while Razvan wrote two articles about choosing game engines:

  1. Getting started with debugging
  2. Measuring code performances
  3. Making the most of Godot’s speed
  4. Optimizing GDScript code
  5. 3D rendering optimization
  6. Game Engine Basics
  7. Choosing the right game engine

New videos on our channel

I tried to put out multiple videos to breathe some life into the channel again. Some of the videos are meant to promote Godot or Free and Open-Source software, while others are tutorials or overviews of our projects:

  1. Godot Explained in 5 Minutes
  2. Laser Beam in Godot in 1 Minute
  3. The 7 Programs I Use to Make Games
  4. Godot VS Game Maker
  5. 8 Godot Tutorial Channels You Should Watch
  6. I Started Making A JRPG Combat System - Indie Devlog
  7. Hired to Work on Godot’s Documentation: The Plan
  8. More Godot Shaders: Free and Open-Source
  9. What Makes Our 2D Space Game Look Good
  10. World Generation in Our Space Game Demo: Godot Code Breakdown

We’re going to create more demos for Godot 2D Secrets, and we still have content planned for our other Godot Secrets courses.

Made by

Nathan Lovato

GDQuest founder. Courteous designer with a taste for Free Software. I promote sharing and collaboration.