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8 Godot Tutorial Channels You Should Watch

By: Nathan Lovato - August 25, 2020

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There is a growing number of people making tutorials for Godot. It can not only be hard to find them but also to know which are the best ones.

Here are eight channels you should check out for Godot tutorials. Some are already well established, some not so popular. All these creators are actively producing content at the time of writing.

The big ones

Let’s start with two established channels from experienced tutors.


Chris is a senior engineer who worked on massive games before co-founding KidsCanCode, a company where he teaches programming to kids.

He has contributed essential pages to the official Godot docs, like Your First Game, and he’s building a growing library of free tutorials.

What I love about KidsCanCode:

  1. The tutorials are short and to the point.
  2. Code solutions are always simple, a mark of great programming experience.
  3. The content is available both in text and video formats.

You must check out his Godot Recipes website. It offers both a beginner-friendly introduction to Godot and laser-focused lessons to solve common game creation problems.

The KidsCanCode channel is also a great resource. Often, Chris records videos alongside his text-based Godot recipes, allowing you to pick your favorite format.


Benjamin, also known as Heartbeast, is one of the largest YouTube channels covering Godot at the moment. You’ve probably heard his intro already:

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! Wherever and whenever you are.

Ben used to teach and work with Game Maker. He fell in love with Godot and ended up sticking with it.

I particularly like his cheerful yet soothing voice. He also makes long-form tutorials that show every step.

Recently, he released a complete free Action-RPG course for Godot 3.2:

Lesser-known channels

There are more and more Godot tutors out there. Some have released dozens of videos already without getting too much visibility. Here are six creators that deserve more views, more subscribers. And they have a lot to teach you.


Emilio is an experienced web engineer and independent game developer. He has extensive programming experience and shares some of his code on GitHub, like his Simple Dialog Addon.

You can start with his grid-based game tutorial. It will teach you how to code a lovely Sokoban game:


Ombarus deserves a lot more attention than he gets.

He covers topics that almost no one else touches on, like using Godot’s profiler in his game Solar Rogue or code patterns that can save you time and effort.

Our signals tutorial about the Events Signal Bus Pattern was based on his research and experimentation.

His last video, about game data architecture, is well worth your time!

Bastiaan Olij

Bastiaan is a core contributor who’s done a lot of work on Virtual and Augmented Reality, as well as GDNative. He covered quite a few advanced topics already, with a focus on 3D.

Bastiaan has a great voice, he puts a lot of time and effort into his tutorials, and it’s always a pleasure to follow alongside him.

Recently, he released some beginner-friendly content. His new series on 3D physics is an excellent introduction to the topic:


Gonkee is another content creator who covers uncommon topics, starting with shaders. He recently talked about data storage and optimization.

He got started with some great tutorials about coding procedural fog and fire. Here’s one about animated water for a side-scrolling game:

Game Endeavor

Game Endeavor is a tutor who’s been consistently working around his game world, covering many aspects of platform games.

In the video below, he shows how to code a crawling movement, allowing the player to move through narrow spaces:


If you like to interact with the tutor live, Pigdev, who works part-time with us at GDQuest, streams often.

He also released many tutorials over the past few years:

Wrapping up

If I missed any major channel, someone who’s been making tutorials for the engine for a long time, please let me know.

Many new creators are going out on YouTube lately whom we haven’t talked about here. This will be for a future article.

We also create many Godot tutorials. If you don’t want to miss any of our tutorials, but also get Godot tips and recommendations, be sure to join our newsletter.

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Nathan Lovato

GDQuest founder. Courteous designer with a taste for Free Software. I promote sharing and collaboration.