We are looking for a proofreader and a tutorial tester

By: Nathan Lovato - April 2, 2021

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You know GDQuest and would like to help more people learn Godot and game development? Read on!

I’m looking for someone to edit our tutorials and other writings like newsletters, as well as someone who could test our tutorials before releasing them.

Both of these are freelance and part-time remote jobs.

If you’ve got the required skills, you could take on both jobs.

I’m looking for hard-working people who really care about helping others learn.

Hundreds of thousands of game developers watched and read our tutorials over the years.

With your help, we can spend more time producing the content the community needs, helping even more people learn Godot and game development.

You can find all the details below, including how to apply.


I need someone to double-check everything we write.

Not only to correct typos and other errors but also to improve the writing style and make our content as accessible as possible to both native and second-language English speakers.

This is a remote and freelance job, paid per project or by word count (whichever works best for you).

Estimated workload:

About 5 to 10 hours per week on average right now.

The amount of content we write can vary depending on which phase of a project we are in.


  • Correct typos, formatting, spelling, and grammar mistakes in all our writings (tutorials, tutorial series, newsletters, and so on).
  • Improve the writing’s style and clarity where possible for our target audience (non-native English speakers, 9th grade and older).

Required skills and traits:

  1. You are a native English speaker or are proficient in English (at least C1 level).
  2. You have extensive experience proofreading other people’s work. You can correct mistakes and improve the style while preserving the text’s meaning and tone.
  3. You can adapt to a writing and formatting style guide and follow it.
  4. You write in plain and simple English, accessible to non-native speakers and 9th graders. Related teaching experience is a big plus.
  5. You are used to working online and delivering work in time, without fail.

If you have all of the above five skills, please feel free to apply. You’ll find the instructions to do so below.

Tutorial tester

I’m looking for a person who will thoroughly test our tutorials and courses.

You can combine this role with the previous one for extra work and variety, provided you have the required skills.

The role is not about just “doing tutorials,” of course.

Instead, you will:

  • Test that every step, instruction, and code snippet works as intended.
  • Report any confusing parts.
  • Anticipate questions students might have and raise incomplete parts.
  • Report any bug or step that is not working.

This role requires pedagogy, rigor, and a good deal of experience learning Godot.

I need someone who will help raise relevant questions and improve tutorials and courses' quality, benefiting all Godot users.

This is a remote and freelance job, paid per project.

Estimated work:

10-15 hours per month on average.


  • Follow every step in our tutorials.
  • Correct or report any step that is not working, including re-taking pictures.
  • Anticipate and raise any questions readers might have.

Required skills and traits:

  1. Great rigor and attention to detail.
  2. You’re comfortable with both Godot and GDScript.
  3. You are used to working online and delivering work in time, without fail.
  4. At least B2-level in English (TOEIC score of 800+).

How to apply

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