We are hiring a full-time Godot assistant tutor

By: Nathan Lovato - April 15, 2021

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Original job posting

I’m hiring a full-time assistant tutor to accelerate the creation of new Godot courses and update existing ones.

This is a remote freelance full-time position, paid per project.

If you’re passionate about education and teaching programming, this might be an opportunity for you.


Create Godot and game programming learning resources, from coding demos to writing complete tutorials, guides, and tutorial series.

Initially, you’ll assist the team with creating Godot courses and other learning resources to teach the engine.

Estimated work:

40 hours per week on average.

Tasks you’ll be doing:

Please keep in mind that teaching game development is a lot of teaching and little game creation.

Working as an online tutor involves lots of writing. You’ll be:

  • Writing complete tutorials from start to finish. This might be based on a demo you or one of your teammates wrote.
  • Writing part of a guide or tutorial in collaboration with another tutor.
  • Writing series of tutorials.
  • Answer questions from students.

You’ll do some coding too:

  • Coding demos using the Godot game engine for educational purposes.
  • Search for and implement algorithms and mechanics and write notes and case studies based on programming work.


These are the outcomes I expect from you if you work with us:

  1. Help us write a complete Godot course within the first 4 months working with us.
  2. Help us cover more areas of Godot for both beginners and intermediate-level users, based on what users need the most.

Required experience:

I am looking for someone who has experience teaching or writing tutorials. Experience teaching programming or game development is ideal.

You also need experience developing games and to be familiar with the Godot game engine in particular.

Required skills and traits:

  1. You are industrious and efficient, with strong work ethics.
  2. You are a native English speaker or are proficient in English (at least C1 level).
  3. You are used to working online and delivering work in time, without fail.
  4. You’re a quick learner. Over time, you’ll need to learn many aspects of game development and Godot to write about them.
  5. You have professional experience teaching or writing tutorials.
  6. You have experience with game development and using Godot.
  7. You should also be very comfortable with Godot.
  8. You write in plain and simple English, accessible to non-native speakers and 9th graders. Related teaching experience is a big plus.
  9. You can adapt to our code and writing styles.
  10. We are a multicultural team from all around the world. To work with us, you have to adhere to our kind communication guidelines.

What you can expect working with us:

  • You’ll always get paid promptly, on delivery. I’ve worked as a freelancer myself and really disliked companies delaying payment for months. I pay fair and fast.
  • No crunch ever and no unpaid extras. I expect you to turn in work on deadlines we’ll agree upon ahead of time, but we’ll always make sure they’re realistic and never require you to overwork yourself.
  • You will always be credited publicly for the contributions you make to the project. I often use tweets to help my teammates gain some visibility on social networks.
  • You’ll be working on free software projects. Our code is always open-source, available either under MIT or GPL licenses.
  • We function as an open-source project, following the “benevolent dictator” model. I vet projects to ensure we stay true to our mission, make the most of our limited resources, and answer people’s needs. But in general, you’ll have flexibility in your work.
  • GDQuest is a social business. We reinvest all profits into hiring more people and furthering our mission; we don’t have investors and don’t pay dividends.

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