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By: Nathan Lovato - May 25, 2021

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Do you know GDQuest and would like to help more people learn Godot and game development? Read on!

I’m looking for a professional video editor to edit our channel and our courses' videos.

This is a freelance part-time remote job paid per edited video (or series of videos).

I’m looking for an editor to work with long-term.

I’m looking for a hard-working editor who really cares about helping others learn. Hundreds of thousands of game developers watched our tutorials over the years.

With your help, we can spend more time producing the content the community needs, helping even more people learn Godot and game development.

You can find all the details below, including how to apply.

Estimated work:

About one 10-min video per week on average.

The amount of content to produce can vary depending on which phase of a project we are in.

Video style:

I’m specifically looking for someone who can do better video editing than us and produce videos in the following styles:

In particular, I would like an editor who can advise us on the video style for educational purposes.

We also create courses that include videos with much simpler editing.

They generally only require cutting wrong takes and a few inserts without much animation. We would be happy to delegate them if that’s something you can tackle.

Required skills and traits:

  • You are proficient in English or a native speaker (the minimum required level is C1).
  • You have professional video editing experience.
  • You are comfortable doing simple motion design like in the above videos: text animation, transitions, tilting, scaling, and panning images, and using animated backgrounds.

Perks of working with us:

  • We have experience editing videos, so you’ll be working with clear instructions.
  • My goal is always to be as efficient as possible and do as few revisions as possible. I hate to waste my collaborators' time.
  • I’ll happily credit you for videos on our YouTube channel.
  • We’re looking to build a long-term relationship, so provided the work goes smoothly, we will keep sending work your way.

How to apply

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