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Make Professional 2d Games with Godot: Kickstarter LIVE

Do you want to become a better game creator? Let’s make the first professional 2d game creation course for Godot a reality!

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Godot Course Kickstarter Next Monday

It’s happening! On Monday, May 22, GDQuest will be on Kickstarter to fund the first professional game creation course for Godot 3!

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New Krita Game Art Course Out!

Learn to make cartoon shaded game characters with this new Krita course. It also includes tutorials about art fundamentals.

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Godot Kickstarter, Your Feedback on the Form

In 2017, I’m going to cover game programming with the Godot game engine. And for that, GDQuest needs your opinion and your help!

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Make Cel Shaded 2d Characters With Krita

The second Krita game art course is out on May 9. Meet Pepper and Carrot, the 2 heroes of the webcomic by David Revoy, and learn cartoon game art!

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Krita Brushes Anniversary Update

It’s been a year already. 12 months, 12 consecutive updates. The brushes ship with a new design, and to celebrate, they are 30% off until May 1st!