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Waiting for Godot 3: Why There Was No Course Update in September

Godot 3 is coming out later than planned. As breaking changes keep happening, this delays the creation of new programming videos. But I’m still at work on the project. Read this post to learn what’s happening in October on the Godot course project.

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Godot Kickstarter: When and How you’ll get your Rewards

The Godot Kickstarter is over. What now? The backers will get their first rewards this week, and we’re getting started for a year of game creation tutorials.

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Make Professional 2d Games with Godot: Kickstarter LIVE

Do you want to become a better game creator? Let’s make the first professional 2d game creation course for Godot a reality!

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Godot Course Kickstarter Next Monday

It’s happening! On Monday, May 22, GDQuest will be on Kickstarter to fund the first professional game creation course for Godot 3!

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New Krita Game Art Course Out!

Learn to make cartoon shaded game characters with this new Krita course. It also includes tutorials about art fundamentals.

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Godot Kickstarter, Your Feedback on the Form

In 2017, I’m going to cover game programming with the Godot game engine. And for that, GDQuest needs your opinion and your help!