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Krita Brushes Anniversary Update

It’s been a year already. 12 months, 12 consecutive updates. The brushes ship with a new design, and to celebrate, they are 30% off until May 1st!

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Game Creation with Godot, Kickstarter soon

In 2017, I’m going to cover game programming with the Godot game engine. And for that, GDQuest needs your opinion and your help!

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Make Professional Game Art with Krita out now!

After months of work, the Make Professional Painterly Game Art with Krita course is out! It’s the first and only Krita course about 2d game art.

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Marketing indie games with no budget – Notes

Here are some synthetic notes I took from IndieGameGirl’s talk “Marketing your indie games with a 0$ budget”

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Krita game art course in early-access

You want to become a better artist? My new training series, out in early access, will show you how professionals make beautiful 2d game sprites, using Krita, the open source painting program.

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In the office - January news

The past 2 months have been hectic. I’ll pass on the details, but since a few days, I’m renting an office. After so much time struggling to work from home, you can’t imagine how great it feels!