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We are hiring a full-time Godot assistant tutor

We’re recruiting a freelance professional tutor for full-time work.

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We are looking for a proofreader and a tutorial tester

We’re recruiting a freelance professional proofreader and a tester for part-time work.

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How Much We Earned in 2020, Our Goals in 2021

The past year in review and what we hope to achieve this year.

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Godot 2d Secrets 0.7.0 Is Out!

Our latest Godot course got a new major content update, with the Factorio-like inventory series.

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20 New Open Source Projects

In 2020, we created two dozens of free and open-source code repositories with game demos, assets like shaders and VFX, and tools to help you on your game development journey with Godot. Here’s a run through all of them.

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The Ultimate Godot Course Bundle

Get all our Godot courses, available or future ones, at a discount! Lifetime free updates.