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The Godot Secrets bundle

Get our four Godot Secrets courses at the price of three.

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Nodevember 2020

Nodevember is a yearly event to encourage and promote procedural art. Challenge yourself creating art with code and nodes!

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Godot 2D Secrets in early access

Our latest course saw its first release in early access! It features the JRPG combat core series and four mini tutorials. Many updates to come.

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We Made 4 More Open-Source Godot Demos and 7 Tutorials

During the Godot 2D Secrets Kickstarter campaign, we made Free game demos, tutorials, and videos. Here are all the links and what we’ll do next.

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8 Godot Tutorial Channels You Should Watch

There are more and more content creators making videos for Godot and it can be hard to find the good ones. Here are some we warmly recommend, including some that deserve a lot more viewers.

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Godot 2D Secrets: Funded in 48 Hours

We are on Kickstarter to crowdfund a comprehensive Godot course to make 2D games. It was funded in less than 48 hours!