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GDQuest weekly #3

This week, get new procedural generation algorithms, Godot tutorials, and a glimpse of our upcoming Kickstarter!

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PCG Secrets: The Art of Procedural Generation in Godot

Learn to generate procedural game worlds with the free game engine Godot.

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GDQuest weekly #2

This week, we share new shaders, new free Godot tutorials, and take a quick look at ConceptGraph, a promising procedural modeling application made in Godot.

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GDQuest weekly #1

Welcome to our newsletter, where you’ll find game creation tips, resources, and interesting projects you should check out, all revolving around the Godot game engine.

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Godot VFX Secrets 1.0 is out now

Our visual effects course for Godot is now out with 4 new effects and lessons. Get it now!

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Shader Secrets: Learn to Code 2D and 3D Shaders in Godot

Our shader course, Shader Secrets, is out in early access! Learn to write professional shaders for games in the professional free game engine Godot.