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8 Godot Tutorial Channels You Should Watch

There are more and more content creators making videos for Godot and it can be hard to find the good ones. Here are some we warmly recommend, including some that deserve a lot more viewers.

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Godot 2D Secrets: Funded in 48 Hours

We are on Kickstarter to crowdfund a comprehensive Godot course to make 2D games. It was funded in less than 48 hours!

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GDQuest weekly #3

This week, get new procedural generation algorithms, Godot tutorials, and a glimpse of our upcoming Kickstarter!

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PCG Secrets: The Art of Procedural Generation in Godot

Learn to generate procedural game worlds with the free game engine Godot.

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GDQuest weekly #2

This week, we share new shaders, new free Godot tutorials, and take a quick look at ConceptGraph, a promising procedural modeling application made in Godot.

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GDQuest weekly #1

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