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Mannequiny: Free 3D character for Godot out

We made and released a Free and Open Source 3D character controller for Godot 3.2. Meet Mannequiny!

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Code a Professional 3D Character with Godot: Early Access

Our first 3D course for Godot 3.2 will teach you how to code a professional game character.

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Learn Godot for Free with our Learning Paths

Our two curated Godot learning paths for beginners and developers are out!

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Introducing our docs

We added a new section to the website to share our coding guidelines and our manuals.

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Create Your First 2D Game With Godot is out!

We are done with our first beginner-friendly Godot 2D game development course. Learn to create a 2D game inspired by Mario, from start to finish. Available now.

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June update, what we've done, what's next

Time for an update on what we’ve done and what’s coming next as part of the 2019 Godot Kickstarter project. See the Godot 3.1 New Features Series, Mannequiny, and more in this post. 🙂