In a another life, I wrote a handful of tutorials for Construct 2. They’re not on this website anymore, but you can still find them on the engine’s official website.

Now, I make videos tutorials about game creation with free, open source game creation tools: learn more about GDQuest.

Construct 2 tutorials:

  1. Grid-Based movement using the Tilemap object for collisions.
  2. Programming simple touch QTEs
  3. Quick Timer Events from a Game Design Perspective
  4. Top Down Jump - The Grasshopper
  5. How to design professional looking mobile game buttons
  6. 12 handy free productivity tools for game designers
  7. How to create a Radial Lifebar in Construct 2
  8. How to Code Faster in Construct 2
  9. My 7 best game design resources
  10. 4 productivity tricks with the event editor
  11. How to AI by example - Platform follower
  12. Drastically reduce your game’s download size with PNGquant
  13. How to simplify your AI code with Finite State Machines
  14. 3 techniques to manage complex UI with construct 2
  15. How to do advanced callbacks in Construct 2
  16. 4 lessons learned from Dan the Rabbit
  17. How to improve your Construct 2 code with Callbacks
  18. Ceiling walk

Game art tutorials:

  1. How to game art #1 – Silhouettes
  2. How to game art #2 – Drawing game assets
  3. How to game art #3 – Drawing with selections in Photoshop
  4. How to game art #4 – Designing a cute character
  5. How to game art #5 – The principles of design
  6. How to game art #6 - A first look at colors
  7. How to Game Art #7 - Hue Shifting

Nathan Lovato

I'm a courteous game designer, with a taste for open source. I'll share all I know.