Godot VFX Secrets

Learn to design beautiful 2D visual effects with the free game engine Godot! This hands-on course will teach you the secrets of professional and striking visual effects.

Code a Professional 3D Character with Godot

Learn to create a polished 3D character with a 3rd person camera and professional code in the free game engine Godot.

Code a Professional Platform Game Character With Godot

Code a professional side view 2d game character with the Free game engine Godot!

Create your First 2D Game with Godot

Learn to create a 2D platformer with the free game engine Godot. This special edition of our free course contains exclusive content and supports our work.

Create Professional User Interface in Godot

Learn to create Player GUI, an Inventory, and a Shop system with the Godot Game Engine

make professional 2d games with godot

get your game creation skills to the next level with the godot game engine! learn the best programming practices and explore essential programming patterns.

Make Cel Shaded 2d Characters With Krita

Learn to make cartoon 2d game characters with Krita! Based on the webcomic Pepper and Carrot by David Revoy

Make Professional Painterly Game Art with Krita

Do you want to become a better artist? This Krita course will teach you how to create professional 2d game sprites with the free, open source painting program Krita

Krita Brushes For Game Artists

My best Krita brushes, professionally designed and kept up to date for you. Use my brushkit and get to work faster! Free and pro versions available