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make professional 2d games with godot

by: Nathan Lovato

Become a better game developer!

With this course, you will learn to create the main mechanics and systems in your own games, using the Free Godot Game Engine.

Unlike in many beginner courses that show how to code a specific game step-by-step, this one will teach you professional game creation techniques you can apply to any type of game!

Player GUI screenshot

Purchasing the Pro course is the best investment I have made. I can’t imagine how much time it saved me compared to trying to learn from ad-hoc tutorials.

What I love most about it is that I feel that I am learning best practices for Godot that I can translate to different styles of games. For me, this has been the best way for me to learn Godot from scratch.

– Craig Cashman

What will I learn?

  1. Learn to create games like professionals
  2. Discover the best practices in the Godot Game Engine
  3. Learn game programming techniques that apply to any game project*
  4. Understand how 2d games work with lessons that go beyond the surface

Inventory demo screenshot


This is not a series for complete beginners: you should have at least some programming experience. Check out our Free tutorials to get started 😄

You will need:

  1. Programming foundations
  2. A basic understanding of GDscript

What’s available?

You can find the full list of of available videos on the Godot course content page