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Create Professional User Interface in Godot

by: Nathan Lovato

In this course, you will learn how to best create User Interfaces for your games with the open source Godot Engine.

This series is included in our larger Make Professional Games with Godot course. We made it as a standalone if you only want to learn about interface! So you only pay for the chapters you need 😄

Shop menu screenshot

I’ve been one of the biggest contributors to Gdoot’s official UI tutorials, like the Intro to Godot’s UI system. In this course, I’m bringing all my experience and research to save you dozens of hours learning to create UI… that works! 😄

What will I learn?

  1. How to create an Inventory and Shop systems
  2. How to design reusable UI components with Godot’s theme system
  3. Great programming practices to separate the UI code from the gameplay, using the node tree, signals, and yield
  4. How to animate a life bar’s color and fill
  5. How to pause the game and create a pause menu

Get started with our Free UI tutorials!

Be sure to watch our Free beginner Godot UI tutorials first if you’re just getting started!

This course will help you go beyond our first interface series.

Game user interface tutorial screenshot

What does this course contain?

On top of 5 hours of video tutorials, we always provide the full source code for our tutorials, so you can explore and reuse it in your own games! This includes:

  1. The pause menu
  2. The animated and hooked life bars
  3. The inventory system along with the items menu
  4. The shop system and the shop menu

You also get lifetime free updates, even if the price increases in the future!