Krita Brushes For Game Artists

by: Nathan Lovato

Version 15 contains:

  • 83 unique brush presets
  • 4 PDF documents to help you get started with the brushes
  • Lifetime free updates

The premium tier adds:

  • More than 30 minutes of exclusive video tutorials to get the most out of the brushes
  • The natural media brushkit
  • Priority support on Discord
Brushes thumbnails comparison

The new thumbnails in version 13

I take my time to design the presets and ensure that they are worth adding to the pack. I also use them in my daily work so they are tested thoroughly in all kinds of configurations.

What other artists have to say

Zhillustrator writes: “Nathan’s brush set has some essential brushes for digital painting that will ease your way into Krita’s powerful brush engine. My favorites in the pack are the mix and smudge brushes. Honestly, if you like the Lite set, it’s worth it, Krita is going somewhere.”

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Free Krita brushes

The best part? There is actually a free, smaller version of this set, so you can try it out for yourself. Click here to download the free Krita brushes


Version 14 - July 2017

The new release of the GDQuest Krita brushes comes with 4 vegetation presets. In the past year, I learned a lot about Krita’s brush engines, its strengths and limitations. I also tried to release a lot of presets to stuff up the pack. It’s now time to slow down, and improve the releases. Starting with this one, the focus is on quality over quantity.

The new presets are all documented. They come with a bit of text and an example picture to show you how to use them. The premium version adds short, voiceless video demos, to get up to speed even faster!

Version 13 - April 2017

  • Complete redesign of the brush thumbnails. All 85 brushes now have a new, clearer picture that highlights their stroke and still reads on small screens.This was a lot of work, but now it’s done, the set is ready to welcome new presets.
  • Pixel art presets are now in a separate bundle

Version 12 - March 2017

9 new brushes, including a watercolor sponge, an oil paint brush, chains, and more!

Version 11 - February 2017

New brushes

  • GDQuest_Fill_Flat_Rotation: Sharp flat brush with pen rotation support, for cel shading and silhouettes
  • GDQuest_Spray_Dirt_1: Splatters clumps of dots
  • GDQuest Cloud Trail: creates a cloudy trail, for fireplaces and trails behind planes

New premium brushes

  • GDQuest_Natural_Charcoal_Soft: charcoal preset with soft textured edges, for sketching
  • GDQuest_Natural_Charcoal_Sharp: pencil preset with a sharp outline and subtle texture, for sketching

Improved brushes

  • GDQuest_Aibrush_Shading: Lowered the spacing to fix artifacts that could appear on the stroke
  • GDQuest_Fill_Flat_Directional: 6 times faster, improved for cel shading
  • GDQuest_Cloud_Builder_Soft: a lot faster, better control over the clouds' shape
  • GDQuest_PixelArt_Deform_Grow: lowered the deform speed

Version 10 - January 2017

Version 10 is a maintenance update. It comes with 4 new presets, but also 11 existing brushes got better! Performance improvements, improved feel… a good way to prepare major changes coming over the next few updates. As on every other month, I released 7 new free Krita brushes in the.

New brushes

  • Paint Flat Softer: Softer version of the flat paintbrush
  • Paint Flat Sharper: Sharper version of the flat paintbrush, but 40% slower to render
  • Airbrush Shading: An airbrush taylored to block shadows in
  • Airbrush Softer: A subtle airbrush, extra smooth compared to the base Gdquest Airbrush

Improved brushes

  • Blend Flat: pen rotation support, improved tip and blend curve, new size
  • Blend Smoky: improved blend curver, new size
  • Blend Smudge: improved opacity curve, new size
  • Cloud Builder: new size
  • Cloud Builder Soft: new size
  • Fill Flat Directional: improved for outlines and inking, new size
  • Ink Brush: improved pressure curve to make lower sizes more accessible, new size. Feels more like a Japanese Ink Brush
  • Ink Rough: improved opacity curve, new opacity, new size. Feels more like an alcohol marker
  • Ink Sketch: new size
  • Paint Flat: 2x faster, pen rotation support, sharper short edge on the brush tip, softer long edge, improved blend curve, new size
  • Paint Round Dry: 25% faster, improved pressure and color blend curves

Version 9 - Dec 2016

  • 10 new presets including a blur tool, splatter brushes, and a rock texture
  • 10 natural media presets, and especially a powerful cloud painting tool (premium)
  • a new tutorial on cloud painting (premium)

Version 8 - Nov 2016

  • 2 textured rock brushes: these presets will allow you to add 2 types of sharp grain to your rocks, for a more believable look.
  • Smear cloud: whether you want to slightly blur or completely diffuse your edges, this is a very efficient preset to do so. It blurs your painting fast and provides very good control.
  • Smoke dusty: this brush can be used for both clouds and smoke. Unlike the existing cloud builder brushes, it offers some high frequency details for a richer look.
  • 2 water brushes: the first water brushes are in! They’re useful to paint waves, for a lake, a sea or an ocean.
  • Tree leaves builder: a nice brush to quickly add detailed leaves to a piece of concept art.

Version 7 (Oct 2016)

  • 2 Rock presets: draw small, round and stylized rocks with Rock builder stylized, and detail them with the Rock_detail brush
  • 3 special presets for shading: the special_shadow brush allows you to stamp simple round shadows, to place under characters and small assets. The other 2 brushes are directional shading brushes, with a sharp and a soft side.
  • 2 pencil-looking brushes: one for sketching, and one for shading.
  • Updated paint_old preset: I remade the preset from scratch. It is at least twice as fast, and strokes are more consistent.

Version 6 (Sep 2016)

  • 4 pixel art deform tools: pixel art-friendly Grow, Shrink, Move and Swirl tools
  • 2 cloud builder brushes: the first builders are here! These presets will help you paint accurate sprite silhouettes in no time. These will work for both stylized and realistic clouds.
  • 2 smoke brushes: for when you need to achieve a textured smoky effect. Also useful to add definition to materials.
  • Text-based install guide (pdf)
  • An intro to brush families (pdf)