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We created and maintain dozens of Free and Open-Source tools to help you create better games. Game demos, assets, plugins, you can find them all below.

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Krita Batch Exporter

An official Krita add-on to export your game assets fast and with great flexibility. Inspired by Generator in Photoshop.

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Product Packager

A tool to help creators package and publish their tutorial series, courses, tools, and other products to platforms like Gumroad, Itch.io, or Mavenseed.

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Emacs GDScript mode

This package adds support for the GDScript programming language from the Godot game engine in Emacs. Available on the MELPA package archive.

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Godot 2D Builder

A simulation game demo made in Godot and inspired by Factorio.

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Godot 2D JRPG Combat

A 2D Japanese RPG Active Time Battle demo for the Godot game engine.

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Godot 2D Rhythm Game

A rhythm game demo designed for the course Godot 2D Secrets.