Learn to Write Typed GDscript in Godot 3.1

GDscript is getting optional typing syntax in Godot 3.1! Get started with it in this intro tutorial.

Darktable Photo Development Tutorials

by: Nathan Lovato on: Aug 2018

Darktable is a Free and Professional alternative to Adobe Lightroom. A powerful program created by photographer, for photographers.

Intro to Shaders in Godot

by: Nathan Lovato on: Aug 2018

Learn to create shaders from scratch in Godot 3!

Introduction to Multiplayer in Godot

by: Nathan Lovato on: Aug 2018

In this introduction to networking in Godot, you’ll see how Guilherme coded a simple 2d shooting game where two players, can create a server, connect to one another, and face one another in a deathmatch.

User Interface Tutorials

by: Nathan Lovato on: May 2018

Learn to use the powerful tools for GUI (Game User Interface) design in the Godot game engine! This tutorial series will help you get started with the engine’s advanced UI system.

Become a Game Developer: How to Learn to Code

You want to create your own games but have no programming experience? This guide is for you! This series will help you to get started with game code and design.

Blender Video Editing tutorials (with Power Sequencer)

by: Nathan Lovato on: Dec 2017

Learn to edit videos with with Blender’s VSE (Video Sequence Editor). And edit much faster with the Free and open source add-on Power Sequencer! With this playlist you’ll learn fundamental Blender video editing techniques on top of Power Sequencer’s unique features.

30 Days of Godot 2 Tutorials

by: Nathan Lovato on: May 2017

Daily tutorials brought to you for Free, as part of the Make Professional 2d games with Godot Kickstarter campaign

Intro To Monster Design For 2d Games

by: Nathan Lovato on: Feb 2017

Learn monster design for video games in this free tutorial series! We’ll use Mario and Final Fantasy XIV as references.

Intro to the Godot game engine

by: Nathan Lovato on: Feb 2017

Learn the basics of the Godot game engine and make a simple platform game prototype.

Free Krita Tutorial For Game Artists

by: Nathan Lovato on: Feb 2016

Learn how to use Krita, a free award-winning painting program. This 6 hours long tutorial series is completely free!

Game design tutorial

by: Nathan Lovato on: Aug 2015

In this series, we will explore game mechanics and useful concepts that will help you improve your game design skills.

Color Tutorials

by: Nathan Lovato on: Jun 2015

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Pixel Art Tutorial

by: Nathan Lovato on: May 2015

Pixel Art Tutorial Description

Game Art Tutorials

by: Nathan Lovato on: Feb 2015

Learn game art and general digital art techniques for Free!

Discover Game Art Quest

This course will show the techniques professionals use to create beautiful game art with Krita, a free painting program.

Blender Power Sequencer

Edit videos in Blender faster than ever.