If you want to become a better 2-D game artist, this training is for you. It will teach you how to work with Krita, a mature open source digital painting program. In 6 chapters, we will explore the most important features krita has to offer to game artists.

Learn how to use Krita, a free award-winning painting program. This 6 hours long tutorial series is completely free!

    Get the most of the course

  1. How to Install Krita on Windows
  2. Troubleshooting common issues in Krita
  3. How to take the most out of these Krita tutorials
  4. Your Krita learning toolbox
  5. Introduction to graphic tablets
  6. How to setup a wacom tablet with Krita
  7. Picasa - a free program to organize your reference images
  8. PureRef tutorial: a free, cross-platform virtual board for artists!
  9. Overview of Krita

  10. Quickstart Guide Intro
  11. Krita tutorial: getting to know the UI
  12. Navigation on the canvas in Krita
  13. Painting with the freehand brush tool
  14. Krita layers tutorial: introduction to the layers docker
  15. Krita's pop up palette and color picker
  16. Working with the selection tools in Krita
  17. Create your own keyboard shortcuts in Krita
  18. Krita's Fill tool: fill outlines and selections
  19. Move and Transform your selections in Krita
  20. New features in Krita 3

  21. What’s New in Krita 3: Krita Review
  22. Customize your Keyboard Shortcuts in Krita
  23. How to make a comic strip layout in Krita 3 - part 1
  24. How to make a comic strip layout in Krita 3 - part 2
  25. How to use the Grid in Krita 3
  26. Instant Preview: new rendering engine in Krita 3
  27. Intro to grid, guides and snapping in Krita
  28. Layers in Krita 3: Color tags
  29. Layers in Krita 3: Overview of the new features
  30. Overview of snapping in Krita 3
  31. How to use the Guides in Krita 3
  32. The 2d game asset workflow

  33. Overview of the game asset creation process in Krita
  34. 3 techniques for game asset blocking in Krita
  35. How to block in a game sprite in Krita
  36. Polishing a game sprite with Krita
  37. Refining the game asset in Krita
  38. The game asset workflow: Concept 1 - Learning
  39. Going further with Krita's toolset

  40. Krita tutorial: 3 essential color adjustment filters
  41. Krita tutorial: 4 useful filters
  42. Krita tutorial: Draw tiling patterns with the wrap around mode
  43. Krita tutorial: How to paint in symmetry
  44. Krita tutorial: How to use the perspective transform mode
  45. Krita tutorial: How to use the warp and cage transform for concept art
  46. Krita tutorial: Sculpt your assets with the liquify transform
  47. Krita tutorial: Understanding Krita's blending modes
  48. Krita tutorial: understanding transparency masks
  49. Make Clipping Masks in Krita, tutorial about Inherit Alpha
  50. New features in Krita 3.0.1
  51. Animation with Krita 3

  52. Krita animation tutorial: How to use the animation tools