If you want to become a better 2-D game artist, this training is for you. It will teach you how to work with Krita, a mature open source digital painting program. In 6 chapters, we will explore the most important features krita has to offer to game artists.

The 2d game asset workflow

Duration: 51 min 14 s

We’re going to talk about the few broad steps that every professional follows creating game assets: concept art, blocking, refine and polish.

  1. Overview of the game asset creation process in Krita (8 m)
  2. 3 techniques for game asset blocking in Krita (9 m)
  3. How to block in a game sprite in Krita (9 m)
  4. Polishing a game sprite with Krita (5 m)
  5. Refining the game asset in Krita (7 m)
  6. The game asset workflow: Concept 1 - Learning (11 m)

Animation with Krita 3

Duration: 11 min 17 s

This last chapter will get you started animating with Krita 3.

  1. Krita animation tutorial: How to use the animation tools (11 m)