The intro to monster design is the first free training released on GDquest. In about 40 minutes, it will run you through the thought process a game artist might follow to design monsters. It both covers the thought process behind the design of a monster and an example of monster drawing with pen, paper and Krita.

Monster design basics

Duration: 14 min 40 s

In this first chapter, we explore the 2 facets of monster design for video games.

  1. Introduction to monster design 2 - FFXIV analysis (4 m)
  2. Introduction to monster design 3 - 3 Principles of Monster Design (5 m)
  3. Introduction to Monster Design - Enemies in Mario (4 m)

Creating our monster with Krita

Duration: 30 min 30 s

Now we have some principles of design to work with, it’s time to apply them to our own creature design.

  1. Introduction to monster design 4 - Designing the mole-bear 1 (5 m)
  2. Introduction to monster design 5 - Designing the mole bear 2 (7 m)
  3. Intro to Monster Design 6 - Drawing the bear asset (10 m)
  4. Intro to Monster Design 7 - Drawing the bear asset 2 (7 m)