These 30 Godot 2 tutorials were brought to you for free as part of the Kickstarter project Make Professional 2d Games with Godot. For more recent tutorials check out GDQuest on Youtube!

All the assets and the code open source on Github with extra comments to help you learn directly from the projects.

Daily tutorials brought to you for Free, as part of the Make Professional 2d games with Godot Kickstarter campaign

    Custom camera, Tilesets and Animation

  1. Intro to the Godot game engine
  2. Introduction to GDscript - Godot tutorial
  3. Custom Camera in Godot, part 1: Transform the Canvas
  4. Custom Camera in Godot, part 2: Follow the Player
  5. Custom Camera in Godot 2: Let's simplify the code!
  6. Zelda-like Custom Camera: Instant room transitions in Godot
  7. Introduction to tilesets in the Godot Engine
  8. Intro to the Animation Tools in the Godot Game Engine
  9. [TOOL] Top-Down Tileset Template (Open Source)
  10. Tilemaps, Grids and Vectors

  11. How to Import Maps from Tiled in Godot
  12. Simple Top-Down character movement in Godot: Grid-based movement 1/4
  13. Create the Grid's Foundations in Godot: Grid-based movement 2/4
  14. Code a Robust Grid system in Godot with these 2 Functions: Grid-based movement 3/4
  15. Make the Player Move on a Grid in Godot: Grid-based Movement 4/4
  16. Introduction to Vectors for Game Creators (Collab with Pigdev)
  17. Shortcuts to Code Faster in the GDscript Editor (Godot tutorial)
  18. Steering, the Kraken and isometric movement

  19. [DEMO] Top-Down Car with Steering in Godot
  20. [TIPS] Script and Scene Sync in Godot: see your changes at runtime!
  21. The Kraken: Game Creature Art Process with 2dGameArtGuru
  22. Introduction to Isometric Movement in Games
  23. [DEMO] Isometric Grid-Based Movement in Godot 2
  24. Intro to the Vector Dot Product: How to code a Field of View in Godot
  25. Vectors, save and Godot overview

  26. Your questions about Godot, Game Creation, the Kickstarter?
  27. [DEMO] How to detect slopes in a platform game using the Dot Product: Godot tutorial
  28. How to Save the Player Settings with ConfigFile (Godot tutorial)
  29. How to Code a Save System: Godot Tutorial
  30. Overview of Godot 2 and 3's features (presentation)
  31. How to animate with Tween and GDscript: Godot tutorial
  32. Signals, UI and closing stream

  33. Introduction to signals in the Godot game engine
  34. Overview of the 5 most common UI nodes in Godot
  35. Tennis on steroids? Godot programming, Kickstarter finish
  36. Intro to UI containers: Godot engine tutorial