Learn to create shaders from scratch in Godot 3! This Free series focuses on 2d shaders, but we worked together with Baastian Olij to cover 3d water as well.

Water shader series

Duration: 96 min 2 s

Learn to create both 2d and 3d water with Godot’s shading language! Bastiaan and I run you through essential concepts you’ll need to create your own shaders from scratch.

  1. Intro to Shader Programming (23 m)
  2. Animated Water and UV Coordinates (20 m)
  3. Godot 3D shader tutorial : Water in 3D (14 m)
  4. Texture-based Deformation (15 m)
  5. Merging the Two Waves Together (6 m)
  6. Functions in ShaderScript (8 m)
  7. Water Shadow and Masking (8 m)