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Create Your First 2D Game From Zero with Godot 4


By: Nathan Lovato - December 13, 2023

Code your first rogue-lite game with Godot 4, step-by-step, for free!

Download the files to follow along

To download the starting files for this tutorial, click the button below:

How to import the files in Godot

Unzipping a ZIP file on Windows:

Using the File Explorer: Right-click the ZIP file and select “Extract All” from the context menu.

Unzipping a ZIP file on macOS:

Double-click the ZIP file to automatically extract the contents of the ZIP file.

Unzipping a ZIP file on Linux:

Many file browsers on Linux. Have a right-click command to extract the contents of a ZIP file.

In Gnome files (also known as Nautilus), for example, you can right-click on a ZIP file and select “Extract Here”. In KDE’s file manager, Dolphin, you can right-click on the ZIP file and select “Extract > Extract Archive Here”.

Your questions

What’s a ZIP file?

A ZIP file is like a folder that can hold multiple files or directories (folders inside folders) but as a single file on your computer, making it much easier to share online and download.

It also stores data in a compressed format. This means that the ZIP file takes up less space than the individual files or directories would, making it faster to download, to upload, and more lightweight to store.

What’s a Godot project?

A Godot project is a collection of files and folders that represent a game or application made using the Godot game engine. It contains all the assets, code, and settings of a game project or computer program.


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