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Godot learning paths

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The Godot game engine is one of the fastest growing FOSS game creation tools at our disposal.

Inside the next pages you’ll find guided curated lists for beginners and advanced developers alike.

The beginner-friendly content is made with people having zero programming experience in mind, but there’s enough content in there to keep beginner programmers with some experience busy as well.

The advanced game developers section is focused on content to get you up and running in Godot as fast as possible.

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Godot Tours: 101 - The Godot Editor

Godot Tours allows you to learn interactively, step-by-step, directly inside the Godot Editor. In this first completely Free Tour, we take you on a quick guided walk through the user interface and help you find your way around the editor and break the ice with Godot.

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Learn GDScript From Zero

Learn to code from zero with Godot’s GDScript programming language. A free and open-source, 10-hour interactive course!

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Make Games with Godot: Beginner Edition

This learning path and free guide is a curated list of free resources to get started with game development using the Free and Open Source engine Godot

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Make Games with Godot: Developer Edition

This free guide is a curated list of free resources that help with transitioning to Godot - the Free and Open Source game engine.