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Getting started with Godot in 2021


By: Nathan Lovato - February 10, 2021


You want to learn Godot or game development but don’t know how to get started? Or you tried some tutorials already, but you don’t feel like you understand how the engine works or how to code your games?

This completely free course will give you the tools you need to make games with Godot.

Through detailed explanations and hands-on, step-by-step projects, you will learn the 4 most essential concepts you need to understand in Godot.

The first videos give you a general introduction to the engine, nodes, scenes, the scene tree, and signals, the interface, and progressively build up towards creating two complete game projects, one in 2D and one in 3D.

It will only take you a couple of hours total, and by the end, you will have coded two complete games from scratch.

In the first video lesson, we’ll go briefly over what Godot is and what you need to know to use it.

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Nathan Lovato

GDQuest founder. Courteous designer with a taste for Free Software. I promote sharing and collaboration.