By: Nathan Lovato - February 10, 2021

We start with a general introduction to Godot and its features so you get a sense of whether it is for you.

Here are all the links presented in the video.

To get more info about Godot and its features, see our video Godot explained in 5 minutes.

Courses to learn programming:

  • Harvard’s CS50 is the best introduction to programming I have seen. I wish that how I got started programming.
  • Automate the boring stuff with Python is a great book to learn code hands-on, and to learn how to automate tedious tasks on your computer. I use Python and shell scripts like that all the time and saved countless hours that way.

This series does not cover the GDScript programming language’s syntax in detail. That is because I already made a long video about that, which you can find here: Intro to GDScript for Programming Beginners

We have a complete hands-on course to make a platform platform game with Godot, from scratch.

Finally, we have a great complementary free series you will love.

It is text-based and talks about different topics like learning to code, some of the best Godot resources we know, how to practice, and more. Topics that go beyond Godot and we won’t cover here: get started with game development and Godot.

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