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First look at the editor's interface

By: Nathan Lovato - February 25, 2021

Before focusing on the concepts we learned in the previous lesson, I wanted to quickly show you the editor’s interface so you don’t get lost later on.

Godot is both a game engine and a complete program in which you can edit your games. It has everything you need to code your game built-in, from 2D and 3D main views to do level design to its rich code editor.

It was designed from the beginning to work on desktop computers and small laptops, so you can use it in a game jam, from a café, and have a pretty nice experience.

One limitation in Godot 3 is that you can’t split the interface across multiple monitors, aside from having your game running on one side and the editor on the other.

The ability to split Godot into multiple windows is, however, coming in Godot 4.

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